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Hello everyone! I am absolutely thrilled to be launching Grapes & Watercolours. To celebrate and to kick things off on the right note, have some inspiration in the form of creative prompts for your own awesome projects and a free printable to motivate you.


Let’s get those creative juices flowing, shall we?

Prompts for visual artists

If you like to paint, draw, sculpt, or take photographs, try depicting…

  • a childhood memory
  • something you love like crazy – a person, a pet, your favourite food… For a more humorous approach, combine your beloved pet and your favourite food.
  • the tension in the air before a thunderstorm
  • something that’s normally too tiny to notice
  • something very big, from far away
  • what sunshine feels like to you
  • a colour humans cannot perceive
  • a complex pattern found in nature
  • the tangible absence of someone or something
  • the tools you are working with right now

Writing prompts

Create a poem, a short story, a play, or even a novel dealing with (perhaps among other things)…

  • a crazy chase involving a highly unusual vehicle
  • a morally ambiguous letter
  • what happens in the deep sea
  • a professor of a subject you don’t normally find in schools or universities
  • the crazy obsession of an outwardly boring person
  • the return of the defeated idealist
  • a hundreds-of-years-old everyday object that tells a story
  • the flowers on an unmarked grave
  • a silversmith who has an illegal sideline of business
  • a freak accident that turned someone invisible

Film makers could use both the visual arts and the writing prompts, depending on whether or not you’re using a narrative approach.

Prompts for musicians, singers, songwriters

Play a melody or sing/write a song about…

  • the morning light
  • someone who had a strong influence on your becoming who you are
  • the most exhilliaratingly wonderful, or most crushingly horrible moment of your life
  • the feeling of being only half-awake
  • your favourite scent
  • falling leaves
  • something that you believe would make the world a better place
  • something or someone you miss
  • the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to you
  • a plant growing

Here are 30 creative prompts for artists of all kinds, and a free inspirational printable.

And finally, if you need a little something extra to keep you motivated and inspired (No, I’m not talking about wine! Although…) – you can download this free printable to remind you of your creative goals and aspirations.

Are you the procrastinating type? Maybe you should print a reminder to focus instead. Or both – why not? Either way, have fun creating! I’d love to hear back from you and see or hear some of your work.

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