Hello there!

I’m so glad you found your way here. Grapes and Watercolours is for people with a very specific kind of personality and outlook on life: This place is for quiet creatives. “Quiet” is a bit of an umbrella term. I use it to refer to us introverts, shy people, and HSPs (highly sensitive persons).

Basically, if you love nothing better than drawing or reading a good book in the quiet comfort of your own room, this is the place for you.

Being introverted, shy, maybe a little socially awkward can seem like a disadvantage, especially when you want to get your art, your writing, your essays, or your scathing but hillaroius book reviews out into the world, but that world seems to be dominated by the unafraidly social, the naturals at public speaking, the extroverts and louder types. However, I know that we quiet people can also excel at public speaking, smalltalk and (horror of horrors) even networking — and I am here to help you with that. You just need a different toolkit than extroverts to flourish in that kind of environment.

All of my content is geared towards helping you live your creative and intellectual potential to the fullest — unapologetically, without having to ignore one half of your personality, dreams and needs while you pursue the other, as, unfortunately, we are so often told to do. I provide not only inspiration and encouragement, but also step-by-step, hands-on advice.

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What exactly does “introvert” and “HSP” mean?

Fair question, as there are different definitions floating around out there. I refer to people who recharchge their emotional batteries by being alone as introverts. Extroverts, in contrast, recharge by spending time with others. I don’t think introversion and shyness are the same thing, although they often appear together. I’ve got a whole post on what introversion is, as well as links to some research on the subject, right here.

An HSP is a highly sensitive person. Many of us feel overwhelmed by crowds, loud noises and too many stimuli at once. On the other hand, we are extremely attentive observers of details and feel strongly, both our own emotions and other people’s. You can get a pretty good grasp of the concept, as well as find out if you are an HSP yourself, by looking at Dr. Elaine Aron’s test: Are you highly sensitive?


Who is the person behind this site?

My name is Sarah and I’m the creative running Grapes and Watercolours. I’m in my twenties and love the sea, art, stories, dancing, dessert, and my two bunnies. Why am I qualified to help you with getting your art and your thoughts out into the world as an introvert? Well, I am all of these things — shy, introverted, painfully insecure, an HSP, a doodler, a painter, a reader, a writer, obviously a multipotentialite, too. I have plenty of experience with managing my creative pursuits with a quiet personality, and turning my limitations to my advantage in getting my work out there.

I have published several academic essays and a phd thesis; I have taught large groups of students at uni for four years (yes, it was terrifying sometimes, but also, I was good at it); I frequently give talks at conferences and workshops; I earn part of my income as a fiction writer; and, finally, I have made a life that I love for myself, being all of those things and refusing to limit myself to only one.

I am here to share with you exactly how I do that, what I struggle with, and find out how we can all grow a little more into our best lives and best selves every day.







Why grapes?

I’m from a wine-growing region, so grapes and vineyards mean home and comfort and family to me. Long summer evenings on the terrace with close friends, excellent food and village fairs, reading at sunset in a canvas hanging chair, swaying in the breeze. I hope to catch some of that feeling here and share it with you on Grapes and Watercolours — because the world can be a noisy, overwhelming, anxiety-inducing place for people like us.






I created Grapes & Watercolours based on the vision that I want it to be the website-quivalent of your favourite knit jumper, the cosiest chair, a hot cup of tea on a rainy evening, a quiet walk though a field of gently swaying golden grain at noon. I want you to be comfortable as heck while you’re here, so you can save your energy for getting out there and daring greatly.

You can have a life you love – one where you don’t always feel like you’re hiding part of yourself. If you want to commit to making that a reality, if you want to start building a life that feels like a perfect fit, rather than a bulky, scratchy cardigan passed down from a grandparent, in that very dated colour you wish you could pull off but can’t — if you want to get there, start here. Grapes and Watercolours is there to help you along the way.